Infographic: The Golden Age of Mobile

Our daily life increasingly revolves around using our mobile devices in numerous contexts. Whether we are checking our email or fanatically competing with friends in Flappy Bird, our mobile device is never out of arm’s reach.

Below you will find some jaw-dropping statistics, prepared by our Penny Stocks Lab team, which make a compelling case that the golden age of mobile is upon us.

The Golden Age of Mobile

Prepared by Penny Stocks Lab

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  • This is interesting.

  • This is an excellent infographic. It captures the size of the mobile web and provides marketers a good perspective on the state of the industry.

    I especially liked the part about redeeming mobile coupons as that is a new trend businesses can’t ignore. When I found out about this site, and the real time stats graphic it compelled me to write an article about the size of the internet.