Interactive Infographic: The Internet In Real-Time

We just launched an interactive infographic that explores how quickly data is generated on the Internet. Click the image below to view it or you can find it here.

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  • Faraz Khan

    Hey this info-graph is truly awesome and mesmerizing. is there any possibility for you guys to add the device in user… i mean, smartphones, tablets, Desktops, laptops? Also is this the over all internet or some specific geographical location?

  • This chart is so awesome! It is almost unbelievable the power and size of the worldwide web.

  • Nostradamus

    Idea is good, but lot of error in numbers. Based on publicly and well known documents, Google search number should be 10 times bigger that what you’re claiming, however Facebook numbers should be roughly 4 times lower,…. If you understand the values behind the numbers, you should be skeptical when you compare your Facebook, Google and Instagram data. And to facilitate that do a print screen at 1 second and figure out whether data make sense regarding each others and last published Internet trends.
    Sources of data would be appreciated.

  • PumpToDump

    Impressive charts and data! Wow, the power of the web. Good Info